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AdBlue in Diesel Tank? Here’s How to Fix It

Did you unintentionally pour AdBlue in your diesel tank? Try not to stress, you’re not the first. With the surging number of vehicles using AdBlue, the quantity of drivers putting AdBlue in diesel tanks has likewise increased.

In any case, don’t stress, I have quite recently the answer for you. Here is everything you have to think about AdBlue, and what you ought to do on the off chance that you erroneously pour Adblue in your diesel tank.

What is AdBlue?


The car industry inferred that they have to spare the earth and find a fix for the muddled diesel cars. The issue is that diesel cars are infamous for spitting out terrible gasses like nitrous oxide, which is exceptionally perilous.

So what was the arrangement? It was to insert a tiny amount of urea inside the diesel fumes generating a substance response which as far as anyone knows changes over nitrous oxide into nitrogen and water vapor.

This engineered urea was combined with deionized water and eventually named “AdBlue.”

Despite the fact that it isn’t generally accessible yet, this procedure is available in more up to date diesel cars with SCR (particular reactant decrease)

Which Cars Require AdBlue?

In the event that you have a car that is enrolled after 2015, odds are you claim a vehicle which uses AdBlue to minimize outflows. Commonly on the off chance that you have an Euro 6-Diesel consistent BMW, Audi, Land Rover, Jaguar, Citroen, Peugeot or Mercedes-Benz, it likely keeps running on AdBlue innovation. The car’s model frequently contains a sign in its names like ‘SRC’ or ‘Blue” composed nearby.

What Would Happen in the event that You Put AdBlue in A Diesel Tank?

To keep away from disarray, vehicles commonly sport a blue fill top for Adblue tanks and green, red, or dark for diesel tanks. Bigger vehicles additionally by and large position the diesel and Adblue fill tops far separated from one another. These precautionary measures, tragically, are insufficient, and in the event that you happen to empty AdBlue into your diesel tank inadvertently, there can be serious results.

Since the AdBlue fill top games an a lot littler spout, you could inadvertently empty diesel into it as the diesel’s spout is commonly a lot more extensive. Nonetheless, the other route around is very normal.

As it’s generally made out of ionized water, it is like pouring water inside your vehicle’s diesel tank. Water and diesel just don’t blend so what happens when you attempt to begin a diesel car on water? It won’t begin!

Furthermore, the urea is known to be extremely destructive for the fuel framework’s seals and pipes. It is additionally inclined to crystallization, which can obstruct fuel channels and injectors.

This can cost you a large number of dollars worth of harm, and moreover, you won’t have the option to utilize your vehicle except if it is totally drained out and fixed.

What to do in the event that You Added AdBlue in Your Diesel Tank?

Try not to Start Your Engine!

In a disastrous circumstance where you inadvertently poured AdBlue in a diesel tank, totally refrain from starting the engine as this will spread the liquid around your vehicle’s fuel framework. AdBlue isn’t perfect with numerous materials and metals, for example, steel, metal, zinc, aluminum and cast iron and will wind up eroding the parts and pipework.

Expel AdBlue!

It is profoundly suggested that you contact a fuel professional to securely expel AdBlue from your vehicle’s diesel tank without causing further harm. You’ll have to have the fuel tank drained out to flush out the fuel channel and lines with the goal that the perfect fuel can come back to the vehicle’s fuel tank and your car can run like previously.

In certain instances, after the entire procedure is finished, you may need to supplant the fuel filter. All this will essentially be unreasonably hard for the regular person, so it’d benefit you to call a rumored professional. It may cost you, yet it is obviously better than damaging your car and having to purchase a fresh out of the box new one.

AdBlue stir up happens from time to time, and you don’t need to freeze, it very well may be settled.


AdBlue is a moderately new innovation and is increasingly becoming prevalent because of its points of interest. Mixing diesel and AdBlue is nothing new. Taking sufficient precautionary measure while adding AdBlue is definitely the most secure methodology, yet regardless of whether you unintentionally commit an error, it is totally reversible.

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